Breeders Cup Kuwait – Stud Tour
published on : Mar 10 2020
Breeders Cup Kuwait – Stud Tour

Breeders Cup Kuwait – Stud Tour

In Kuwait, it is tradition to invite everybody for a stud tour. International visitors and local breeders have the chance to enjoy several farms every year. On the occasion of the Breeders Cup in February 2020, seven stud farms presented their horses to international visitors and local breeders.

Al Arab Stud

In the run-up to the launch of Judith Forbis’ new book and the unveiling of Karen Kasper’s Ansata Bint Bukra bronze, Sheikha Sarah Fahad Al Sabah’s Al Arab Studs and Bait Al Arab State Stud showed their horses, with a clear focus on the Ansata Bint Bukra family.

Sheikha Sarah Fahad Al Sabah is very committed to the issues of the state stud and has been in close contact with Judith Forbis for years; the author has dedicated a separate chapter to the Sheikha in her Ansata Bint Bukra book.

The Ansata Bint Bukra family is represented via Ansata Neamet who goes back three times to Ansata Bint Bukra via Ansata Hejazi and the mother Ansata Neoma (Prince Fa Moniet x Ansata Bint Halima). Four of Ansata Neamats’ daughters from different stallions were shown with offspring. In the family, Sheikha Sarah used the stallions Ansata Iemhotep (a full brother of Ansata Sinan), Sinan Al Rayyan, Ajmal Ashhal; all have at least two lines to Ansata Bint Bukra. Only the sire of Hassah Al Arab (*2007) – Al Kidir (The Egyptian Prince x AK Khattaara) – is almost an outcross.


Bait Al Arab

Kuwait’s State Stud celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020. Besides El Zahraa in Egypt, Bait Al Arab is the only state stud that is exclusively dedicated to the legacy of Straight Egyptian bloodlines. Lines from all major Egyptian strains (Dahman, Saklawi, Hadban, and Kuhaylan) are maintained. It is the declared goal of the management to preserve the identity of the dam lines. The focus is not on a horse that corresponds to the modern trend at shows.

The Ansata Hejazi daughter Ansata Sherrara from Ansata Shalimar (going back via Ansata Bint Misr to Ansata Bint Bukra) founded a veritable family at Bait Al Arab. It was not self-evident! When young Ansata Sherrara arrived in Kuwait she was seriously injured during the stopover in Istanbul. When Sherrara finally arrived in Bait Al Arab, veterinarian Dr Ali Elsai took good care of her. Thanks to Dr Elsai and his team, Sherrara could be saved.

Ansata Sherrara’s two daughters Shams Elkuwait by Ansata Sirius and Sarah Elkuwait by Adnan are represented in Bait Al Arab with offspring. The breeding stallion Ansata Sheikh Halim (Ansata Hejazi x Ansata Samiha), born in 2008, also represents the Ansata Bint Bukra family.

In Bait Al Arab, the legacy of Ansata Bint Bukra’s full sister Bint Bukra (Nazeer x Bukra) who stayed in El Zahraa, also flourished. This branch of the Bukra line is represented by Menha (Mohawed x Nagwa), a mare Dr W. Georg Olms brought to Germany in the 1970s. Menha’s maternal granddaughter Latiefa (Hamasa Khazzan x Hamasa Tarifa), born in 1993, left the largest family in number in Bait Al Arab and proved herself with different stallions.


Al Danat Stud

Mohammed Al Omar and Abdullah Al Metrek chose a broad base of Egyptian lines for their Al Danat Stud. For instance, Nouf Aldanat by Sinan Al Rayyan represents the line of Taghreed (Shaarawi x Naama, Hadban Enzahi). Nouf’s dam FA Faaina is by German-bred Mishaal HP who picked up honours at Arabians Ltd., USA.

The famous Tamria (Tuhotmos x Kamar) is represented by two descendants. Once through Ghosma Almashreq (Ansata Hejazi x Ghozama Al Shaqab) who goes back to Tamria via the famous Farag daughter Pharrah. The other branch goes through Halala Al Shaqab, sired by Al Adeed Al Shaqab. Halala is out of IS Galera (Senador x 249 Ibn Galal I) and traces back to 28 Farag, a younger full sister of Pharrah (Farag x Tamria).

Al Danat Stud has a branch of the rich Ansata Bint Bukra family, too. Ajmal Sherifa’s daughters Jazzi Aldanat (by Ansata Hejazi) and Mafakhra Aldanat (by Jamil Al Rayyan) are just two examples Ajmal Sherifa is a granddaughter of the well-known Ansata Sherifa (Ansata Ibn Shah x Ansata Samantha). Furthermore, there is Ajmal Sherifa’s son Shamekh Aldanat (from Ajmal Alkout), a multi-champion whose pedigree has eight lines to Ansata Bint Bukra.


Al Safinat Stud

Khaled Ben Shokor belongs to the first generation of Egyptian breeders in Kuwait. He founded his stud in 1995 after travelling a lot to different countries. Accordingly, several generations of his breeding work can be admired. The horses have substance, alignment and gait, all attributes that are important to Khaled Ben Shokor.

In recent years, the stallion Firas Al Safinat (Sinan Al Rayyan x Agayeb Al Rayyan) has been used, who goes back to the Hanan daughter Amal (by Mohafez). In glaring light, several of Firas’ get was presented to the international public.

A special highlight of the evening presentation was Prince Fa Moniet’s 26-year-old RN Rayana out of aforementioned Ansata Sharifa. Her daughters Rowaa Al Safinat by Sinan Al Rayyan, Rawan Al Safinat by Ansata Hejazi, Raghdad Al Safinat by Ansata Nile Echo and Rimaa Al Safinat by Adnan continuing their legacy.

Impressive is also the family of Alikaat (Ruminaja Ali x Katourah – Nourah – Bint Nefisa) represented by Abeer Al Safinat, Nejood Al Safinat, Fadwa Al Safinat or Feddah Al Safinat being the third generation of Al Safinat Stud.


Aljazira Stud

The Dahman Shahwan horses form the largest group in Talal Al Mehri’s Aljazira Stud. Many of them are going back to Moheba, some to Tamria. A family within this group represents the Ansata Bint Bukra line. Among them is Hanaa Al Rayyan by Sinan Al Rayyan out of Salwa Aljazira, a great-granddaughter of Ansata Sharifa.

The blood of the above-mentioned Amal (Mohafez x Hanan) can also be found at Aljazira Stud, namely in the mare Dhreima Al Shaqab (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Ibtisam Al Shaqab).

Readers who still remember Carl-Heinz Dömken’s foundation mare Afifa (Morafic x Hemmat) will be interested in the mare Nabiha Al Zobair (by NK Hafid Jamil). Her dam is Al Mamunah, bred by the Effkemann family. Al Mamunah also brought the stallion Al Ayad.


Al Maale Stud

Large, colourful balloons greeted visitors at the Al Maale Stud. Heavily scented smoke from pieces of wood from the Alderwood tree (Oudh) surrounded the audience, who took a comfortable seat around the demonstration ring.

Ten years ago, Dr Khaled Al Enezi founded Al Maale Stud. Within a short time, he selected a fine group of mares for his breeding, concentrating on the families of Bint Kamla, Bint Bukra, Bint Sabah, and the Ansata Nile family. Here was to admire the last Helala daughter NK Hind from NK Jamal El Dine.

Another group are mares from the Hanan family, Obeyan Om Grees. Dr Khaled bought the fleabitten mare Omilmaali Ezzain (NK Qaswarah x Azhaar Ezzain) who goes back to Ameera (Madkour I x Hanan), a full sister to Jamil.

A new line is to establish the El Thay Manal (Ajmal Tameen x El Thay Malakah) born in 2013, which goes back to Morawa of the Kuhaylan Rodan strain.


Al Adiyat Stud

The Al Adiyat Stud wasn’t a part of the official stud tour. However, a small group had the chance to see Mahmoud Zubaid’s lovely horses. The stables are surrounded by trees and bougainvillaea flowers. Large and small flower pots with different flowers catch the eye of the visitors when one of the noble horses is not shown in a small square. Visitors can follow the action from a comfortable seating area. The scenery looks like an oasis within the oasis.

The breeding basis for the Al Adiyat Stud are horses from Dr Nagels Katharinenhof. The most recent foal crop is sired by NK Nabhan (NK Nadeer x NK Nerham) who was on lease in Kuwait for two years.