About Us

The sense and purpose of the Pyramid Society Europe is the purebred preservation and promotion of Egyptian Arabian horses, known in the English language under the name “Straight Egyptians”. These horses have a historical and breeding background of hundreds of years.

The Pyramid Society Europe does not say that “straight Egyptian” Arabians are better than other ones. However, they go back to best, strongly selected desert horses and have very desirable qualities as vitality, pride, beauty and nobility.
The prophet Mohammed recognised the great importance of the easily satisfied, efficient, strong, noble and medium-sized horses of the desert of Nejd on the Arabian peninsula. These horses form the actual basis for the contemporary present purebred “Straight Egyptians” were brought to Egypt after 1811 by the sovereigns Mohammed Ali (1769 – 1848), Ibrahim Pasha (1789 – 1848) and Abbas Pasha (1813 – 1854) or they were bred from these three men. The Viceroy Mohamed Ali captuered many horses during the Wahhabite war, later the royal family spent immense sums of money to get the very best horses out of the desert. Mohammed Ali, who started breeding with his horses in his stud of Shoubra near Cairo, was a lover and connoisseur of the noble horses from the desert, this was also his successor Ibrahim Pasha. Under his statement the studgrooms started to register the pedigrees, their importance and meanings.


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