We invite you to promote the studs of our members on our site. You can choose to present your stud with a short text and a picture, or for it to be marked on the map with a link to your website, both of which will last for a duration of two years. The promotion will then be put into the shopping basket and your order will be charged 50 € upon completing it.

It is also possible to book both options simultaneously, which will lead to a reduced price of 80 € for two years.

Before your promotion is published, we will examine it, therefore it is not guaranteed that it will be shown should it not pass the examination.


Apply for Membership

We are always glad to welcome new members in our community. To join the Pyramid Society Europe, please fill out the form below.
Alternatively, you can apply via mail using these forms: English version German version
After you have filled your information in, please send the document to the address written inside.

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