EEE 2017 Seminar with Judi Forbis and Stud-Tour
published on : Jul 17 2000
EEE 2017 Seminar with Judi Forbis and Stud-Tour
as a highlight of this event, the promised seminar, with Judi Forbis

will take place in a vast and brand new hall.  She will talk about the future of breeding straight egyptian horses and will present and sign her new book „Ansata Hejazi – Born to Rule“.


This year there won’t be a raffle for breedings but  the idea came up from the members to organize a BAZAR, since this  we will have a marvelous Bedouin Tent and that will be a perfect meeting point of the PSE.

Our new member Gabriele Schluck was kind enough to act as a receiving office for sponsored suitable items for the BAZAR.
Those of you who have some oriental and dispensable objects in the attic please contact Gabriele Schluck in the evening after 8 p.m. by phone +49 2193-3875
or Whatsapp +49 160-4541695.

Voluntaries are still needed to help for certain hours in the tent of the PSE.

PSE members as well do not pay for registration of their horses. Entries are open and you can order VIP-tables and tickets for the Barbecue at night.

In absence of a sufficient number of entries unfortunately we have to cancel our stud farm tour as an attraction and supplement for our guests of the this year Egyptian Event Europe .

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