published on : Nov 09 2016

Stud Farm Tour – 2018 in Italy

The Stud Farm Tour of this yearafter the Egyptian Event Europe 2019 will lead us to four farms in Bavaria. We are more than thankful that these breeders were kind enough to invite us to see their horses.

Members, non-members, visitors and foreign guests are all invited to register for our bus tour starting from the Showground at the Castle Loewenstein in Kleinheubach right after the show at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Non-members pay an extra fee of € 100 equivalent to one-year membership in the PSE.

For the preparation of the tour it is absolutely necessary to know the number of participants. There is a reservation for the bus and the hotels. All interested persons will get a list of the hotels immediately after registration and everybody can proceed with individual booking from the reservation pool of the PSE.

We are looking forward to having an interesting tour together with you! Please register immediately – Deadline is the 25th of July!