Carl R. Raswan – Vocabulary of Bedouin words concerning Horses


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Beigeb.: Johannes Erich Flade, Carl Reinhard Raswan

2012, 56 S., mit 7 Abb.
Reihe: Documenta Hippologica
Olms Presse
ISBN: 978-3-487-08516-6

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In search of the true Arabian horse Carl R. Raswan lived and migrated with nineteen Bedouin tribes and studied their rites and ways for more than twenty years.
During that time he gathered this unparalleled collection of Bedouin words connected with horses, breeding and horsemanship. The uniqueness of this collection stems from the fact that Raswan had an intimate knowledge of animal husbandry as well as horsemanship and he spent more than two decades with camel- and horse-breeding Bedouin tribes in Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Transjordan, and the provinces Hejaz, Nejd and Qasim, studying the Bedouin languages and dialects. He may also have been the only Arabist studying in depth Arabian studbooks, pedigrees and importation papers to extend this vocabulary.
Each word is written down in Arabic script, transcribed in its Latin script equivalent, and Raswan provides ist meaning and explanations in English.
In the second part of this work, Johannes Erich Flade, internationally renowned expert of Arabian horse breeding, gives a vivid account of the life and the travels of his close friend Carl Reinhard Raswan.

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