Too Early – Dr. Ferdinand Denzinger
published on : Feb 28 2020
Too Early – Dr. Ferdinand Denzinger

One of our breeder collegues who always had so many ideas, projects, enthusiasm and sens of humor at the age of only 65 years was suddenly pulled out of an active and rich life. We are so sad that Dr. Ferdinand Denzinger passed away the 31st of January and we feel sorry with his partner Gabi Schuster and the five children of their perfect patchwork family.

Ferdinand Denzinger was a unique human and veterinarian who’s engagement and ambition for his profession was extreme. With the therapy of Bio Resonnance and many other skills he was able to help many patients. His love was the Arabian Horse and together with Gabriele Schuster he fulfilled his dream and built up the stud Nedschd Arab. A breeding success such as Nedschd Mansour as gold ribbon winner of the Verbandshengstschau of the VZAP in Aachen motivated. But beside all success the welfare of his horses always had priority.

The Pyramid Society Europe will miss his positive spirit and will keep a good memory.


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