Finally, finally after two years of Pandemie-Interruption there will be again an Egyptian Event Europe (EEE).

Italy will be the first country to make this start in Bergamo the 4th of September. In cooperation with ANICA and the organization of Promoberg the EEE will take place together with the fair Arabian Horse Show Bergamo.
Since many years the Egyptian Event Europe is for some breeders the Highlight of the year and the cancellation for two times planed at the Kauber Platte was a major disappointment. In the meantime we got several requests from foreign countries to organize the Egyptian Event Europe in behalf of the PSE.
In order to find out the Pro and Contra the PSE-board invited to an online-Conference on the 1st of May.
At its next meeting, the Executive Board then decided to send the EEE as an international showcase on trips and to offer domestic members regional events with a focus on breeding without competition with expert evaluation.
The Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 21 May unanimously followed this decision online and the joy that there will be an EEE again clearly prevailed. The Pyramid Society Europe thus better lives up to its name and its international activities are made more visible. For the Egyptian Event Europe, this decision is the chance for a new profile.

The EEE will travel to countries where Egyptian horses are intensively bred, where enthusiasm for the Egyptian horse is growing and where the organizers are based on a convincing concept. As an ambassador for the Egyptian horse, the PSE will attract new people and breeders with its EEE as a highlight on the international stage in various places and countries of Europe.